Here can you load & install Flyff Client
(March 2018)

Flyff Client 1

Flyff Client Mirror 1VirusTotal Check

Flyff Client 2

Flyff Client Mirror 2VirusTotal Check

DC Launcher

Flyff Exe VirusTotal Check


Redistructable Runtimes

Netframework 4.5

Redistructable Runtimes 

Flyff client not patch, login problems or game Crash?
Installing latest version of Redistributable AllinOne package.
It must be installed necessarily Microsoft Netframework 4.5!!!
==== Nobody can play here without Microsoft Netframework 4.5 ====

Click Neuz.exe in the Game-folder with the right mouse button and choose
compatibility, after them choose operating system & "starting as Admin"!
Find more details in the forum under Guides/Help for the game.
Nobody can play here with Flyff client of another server!


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