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                             We are the only flyff pserver with riding and flying Mounts...

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(FlyforFun) Flyff is a fantasy MMORPG with many Flyff Pserver around the world.
Flyff is a party-oriented game, an efficient game requires works in groups
and killing Monsters, to reach a higher level.

Its main distinctiveness lies in its flying system.
flying is the normal method of transportation for any players.
On our Flyff Privat Server you will find the best Flyff systems.
Whether as a Flyff single fighter or in a flyff guild.
There is something for every taste of a Flyff Player, whether player vs. player (pvp)
or player vs. monster (pve), alone, in a Partie or guild.
Our good Flyff community is happy to help any new Flyff novice.
We have for you, as a newbie, meaningful Flyff Gifts.

And if you vote in Toplists for us, we have nice Gifts for you.

Many Flyff monsters waiting for you. Play you Flyff now on our Flyff Server...


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